Ancestral tours with Scotia Heritage

Scotia Heritage offered guided heritage tours of Dundee, Fife and Angus for five years until March 2015. Due to a change in lifestyle these tours no longer happen. I am deeply indebted to all those who attended my tours, often repeatedly, and to all the people I met through being a tour guide. Many helped me from a business perspective and many became personal friends. For those who are interested in learning more about Dundee's history may I suggest the extensive resources of the City and University Archives as well as Dundee Council's Family and Local History library. This is an exciting time for Dundee, its heritage and tourism, and I encourage you to delve into the experience. Best wishes, Karen Nichols.

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Tour Reviews

Many thanks for your enthusiastic and interesting tour round the sites of Dundee and the surrounding area. All our members really appreciated hearing about the history of Dundee as for many it was their first time to your city. National Federation of Occupational Pensioners We attended the Lost Dundee tour 4th August 2013. Lots of information and time to observe all the different local places of significant interest. Karen was a great guide, full of humour and kept us entertained. Audrey, Tim and Les When we did the review of the 3M's tour it scored 100% - don't get better than that.

Ian, Dundee
We had a really good night, enjoyed by all of us from age 17 to 66! You were prepared to put on Lost Dundee on an unscheduled evening and despite it being a particularly cold evening you did not rush the tour in any way. Your knowledge of the city and its history is second to none and you delivered it in a way which can be understood by even the less historically aware of us! Elaine, Dundee
You are a great person to show us around Dundee and St. Andrews. Your energy and love for history is inspiring and makes your tour very interesting. PW, Minnesota, USA
Karen's wealth of knowledge regarding Dundee and its (in)famous bard Mr William Topaz McGonagall was an absolute godsend to me! Without Karen's expertise and help I doubt I would have completed my documentary on McGonagall for my course. Ross Darroch, University of Glasgow

Hi Karen, You made an exception for my family and myself on holiday from Australia, and I thank you for that. It turned out to be the highlight of our trip and a great binding memory for us of which we will never forget. It was fun, funny and informative and can't recommend you enough. Delightful, THANK YOU!!! MW, Australia
My friends and I went on the Witches Blood tour tonight and we loved it! Very entertaining with great information that helps us to see Dundee in a new light and gave us some great info on witch history in Dundee. Thanks! Lisa Deick
My daughter and I went on the Witches Blood tour last night. It was interesting seeing familiar streets in Dundee and finding out their history, some of it very gruesome. The tour was educational and also a lot of fun as a couple of unexpected guests made their appearance. I recommend this tour to anyone keen to about Dundee's history, whether it be myth, legend or truth. Adrienne
I worked as a jumper outer for Karen while in university and I was always impressed by her vast knowledge of Dundonian history as well as her ability to relay it in an entertaining and extremely professional manner. Thanks Karen for the strangest and most fun job I've ever had!

Ruth Hunter
A huge thank you to Scotia Heritage for an excellent evening and a tour of 'Witches Blood'. All our guests thoroughly enjoyed the evening which ensured the conversations kept flowing even after the tour finished whilst we enjoyed our evening supper. Thank you Scotia Heritage and we hope to see you on one of your tours in the not so distant future! Sharron McIntosh, Chair, Women Ahead
I have been on two of Karen's tours in Dundee, THE HOWFF TOUR and LOST DUNDEE, well what can I say both superb. I myself thought I knew things about the Howff and Dundee then Karen blew that right out the water. It's just a matter of time before I decide what is the next tour for me. Paddy, Dundee

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Mary, Queen of Scots granted the lands of the Franciscan monastery as a place of sepulchre on 11th September 1564. On the 450th anniversary a costumed event marked the key moments in the life of Dundee Howff. Resurrectionists were most active from approximately 1825 -34.

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Outside from its scenic landscape, Scotland has much more to give to all its visitors due to its dozens of attractions and the fact that the country’s east and west coasts create a range of sites to explore. You can choose to visit the eastern coast of Seton sands where you will experience great sandy beaches and several sites and natural parks. Apart from the rugged coastline and its sandy beaches, tourists can visit and discover the Isle of Arran and the historical castles in the Edinburgh city which is known for its historical and architectural design.

The Isle of Arran is an ideal place to visit given the fact that you will see everything from seals, deer, and eagles in one visit as you walk with your ladies through the woodland areas of the Isle. They would be great for this trip because they are known to be smart, adventurous and open minded to everything and hence providing the best company.

On a trip to discover the great castle ruins of Scotland, you would want every moment and aspect of your stay to be flawless and receive VIP treatment. Therefore you are already half-way there as you enjoy your time in the exciting venues and luxurious hotels of the city. The people here take their castles very seriously and that is why you and your lady should consider a trip to Loudon Castle Theme park and enjoy all the fun. The ladies are well-educated and intelligent and will, therefore, guarantee you a pleasant and unforgettable moment and will be your jewel of admiration as you walk through the country and its cities. When in the city, you might also get a chance to discover the legendary mountain Ben Nevis which is actually the highest point in the UK.

As you enjoy the beautiful country don’t forget to explore the unique Scottish meals such as Haggis, Cullen skink, and the full Scottish breakfast which consists of bacon, sausage, black pudding, beans, mushrooms and toast which are taken down with tea or orange juice. In fact, this breakfast is said to cure even the worst hangovers and hence you should give it a try with your friends. However, ensure that your pockets are well loaded if you want to get the best out of this country.