Scotia Heritage offers walking tours focused upon the historic activities of the sunniest city in Scotland. Explore lost and hidden historic attractions with a professional tour guide on a one-hour walk or special event.

Choose how you would like to see Dundee. Explore the thriving medieval and maritime districts filled with merchants and innovators. Take the wider view from atop Dundee Law where settlers created a safe haven 3,500 years ago. Would you prefer to relive medieval sieges or take part in a witch hunt whilst avoiding the body snatchers? Or, on a summer evening discover a historic graveyard with connections to Mary, Queen of Scots and Robert the Bruce. Scotia Heritage allows you the chance to explore Dundee's heritage your way. In addition to the themed tours that are available seasonally all tours are available all year round to groups of six or more. Choose the tour, day, and time that suits your plan. Discounted rates apply for groups of ten or more. Call 01321-456986 or use this contact form to turn sightseeing into an experience. All walking tours, except Lost Dundee, are suitable for ambulant and wheelchair disabled as they are conducted on public streets. Please note that the paths within the Howff Cemetery have uneven surfaces.

3M's: Medieval, Maritime and the Meadows Discover Dundee through the ages. The medieval Royal Burgh was centred around its port that saw cargoes of sugar and spice, whales to walrus' and the most famous textile of all, jute.

Dundee Law This tour will show you why the city received the accolade of Dei Donum (Gift from God) and is described as the ideal setting for a city.

Lost Dundee (or is it?) Lost Dundee is an exploration of all that is lost, or hidden, over the centuries from Dundee city centre. Offered in three time periods; medieval and renaissance, the elegant eighteenth and modern clearances. This tour is available three Sundays in every month from March to September. Placing the east coast of Scotland on your travel plans will be very rewarding. Along with plentiful arts, culture and wildlife why not visit ancient castles, scenic villages and coastline that have featured in films and documentaries.